Position: Chairman

Place or Birth: Yeongyang, Gyeongsangbuk-do

  • BSc Environmental Engineering, Konkuk University
  • MSc Environmental Engineering, Graduate School of Engineering, Konkuk University
  • Completion of Chief Executive Course, Graduate School of Public Policy and Civic Engagement, Kyung Hee University
  • Completion of Advanced Program for Advanced Program for Urban Environmental Studies Graduate School of Environmental Studies, Seoul National University
  • Honorary Doctorate in Business Administration, Anyang University



  • 1993: CEO of Baekdu Environmental Co., Ltd. (Pollution Prevention Facility Business)
  • 1995: CEO of Boryeong Hwseong Co., Ltd. (Waste Final Disposal Business) 
  • 2016: President of Konkuk University Alumni Association and Chairman of Konkuk Scholarship Association
  • 2017: Chairman of the School Operations Committee at Seoul Design High School 
  • 2019: Senior Vice Chairman of Konkuk University Alumni Association - 2019


  • Chairman of Hanmaek Group
  • 2016: Director of Korea Golf University, Woobong Academy
  • 2016: Chairman of the Social Integration Council, Seoul Immigration Office
  • 2021: Chairman of the Korean Public Golf Course Association
  • 2022: Chairman of the School Operations Committee at Dongdo Middle School
  • 2023: Vice President of the Korean Freedom Federation


  • 2010: Environmental Management Award (Korean Golf Columnist)
  • 2016: Top 10 Public Golf Course Newcomer Award (Seoul Economic Daily)
  • 2017, 2019~2021: Selected as a Small Giant Company of Korea (Ministry of Employment and Labor)
  • 2020~2021: Selected as a Youth-Friendly Small Giant Company (Ministry of Employment and Labor) - First in the golf course industry
  • 2019: Certified for Sports Facility Safety Management KSPO 45001 (Korea Sports Promotion Foundation) - First in the golf course industry
  • 2012: Model Taxpayer Award (Commissioner of the National Tax Service)
  • 2018: Republic of Korea New Growth Management Award (Minister of Industry, Trade and Resources / Maeil Business Newspaper)
  • 2019: Commendation for World Humanitarian Day (Minister of Justice / Ministry of Justice)
  • 2019: Republic of Korea Industry Award (Director of the Small and Medium Business Administration / Dong


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